Message from the East

Greetings Brothers, families, and friends of Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145, as I write this, we have just completed the Installation of Officers for 2018. A heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers who have helped me on this journey to the East and to the Past Masters for a truly memorable installation. I am honored by the attendance and participation of my family in the installation. Thank you to by my brother in law Steve Turkington and cousin Norman Jones for leading me in with pipes and drums. I wish my father in law, Brother Milton Turkington, were here to witness this, he would have been proud.

I would be remiss not to recognize and thank my wife and best friend, Sharon. I am so thankful for her patience and support through my Masonic journey. From the cooking of the meals to feed the hungry Brothers, setting up for events, to the endless nights away from home, and presenting me with your father’s gavel, Thank You!!!

It was wonderful to see that many of our brothers brought family to the ceremony. I believe that a Freemasons journey from a rough to a smooth ashlar is first demonstrated at home. Without the support and sacrifices of our families, our lodge would not be as vital and effective as is.

To those Brothers who guided me and could only attend in spirit; I sorely missed you. I know in my heart that if you could have attended, you would have.

WB Dennis Bellamy, thank you for leading our lodge for two years from the East. Your leadership and council after the acquisition of our new home at 24 Golway St., Manchester was good and timely.

As we look towards 2018, communications are a vital part of our success as a lodge. There are a number of methods we are currently using, email, social media, electronic trestle board, printed trestle board and the Lodge web site calendar ( Please forward your updated contact information to the secretary of the lodge, we are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.

For those who are interested, May 18 thru May 20, 2018 the Lodge is planning on traveling to King Hiram’s Lodge in Provincetown MA for our annual trip. I hope to see you there and more information to follow ….

I would like to take this moment to wish each of you and your families a prosperous New Year. I look forward to leading our Lodge with as much enthusiasm as the first day I became a member of Friendship Tuscan Lodge 145.


WM David S. LaFargue