Message From the East:

Well as I write these words winter is coming to and end. In a couple of weeks Spring will be upon us and the chirping of the birds and the warmth of the sun will be more noticeable. This winter has been harsh in terms of loss. Our Brothers Geno and Robert Burns left us for that house created without hands, eternal in the heavens. It is always hard to say good by to love ones. This was my first time doing a Masonic Ritual for a deceased Brother, an experience that I pray, I will not have to do again for a long time.

These sad situations made us aware of the need to be more in touch with each other. W.B Scott Reid talked to me about an initiative that he started back in the day and wanted to try again at making it happen. He will be updating our address database, so we can have a more up to date list of members and their phone numbers. The second phase of the project will be to make the calls and get in touch with every member. I really hope that this will bring us a little bit closer to each other and the craft.

Saint Patrick’s dinner I am sure will be a great success under the vigilant eye of our Junior Deacon, Brother Jeff Meyer. This event has been a tradition in our lodge for many years and we will keep it for many more to come. The Irish Dancers always do a great performance in this occasion.

Our Pancake Breakfast will take place in April. This one is under the direction of our Senior Deacon, Brother Rick Balboni. As of right now, he is looking for sponsors for the place mats and making the arrangements to make this event a total success. Soon you will be receiving the invitations.

Our degree teams are always in the quarry practicing. After our Master Mason Degree, we will be getting ready for an Entered Apprentice Degree, that depending on timing could happen in late Spring or early Fall. Brother Brad Young, our Junior Warden will be the person in charge. What they say about your work in the line is true. Every job prepares you for the next task.

Hoping that the Grand Architect of the Universe protects and bless us all and everyone I will say by for now, not without reminding all that a Mason is always a Mason.

Marcos G. Garcia – Worshipful Master