Message From the East:

Spring is only some weeks away. As I write, my mind goes back to last year. We were planning for the Saint Patrick’s Dinner event, as well as our traditional Pancake Breakfast. Little did we know, that all our plans would come to a stand still, that the way we interacted with each other will change, that life as we knew it and the things we took for granted will become a memory.

Here we are one year later, many things were le] undone. Meetings and degree work has changed due to the circumstances. We have endured difficult times at all levels, yet we are still meeting and making sure that we tend to our masonic obligation with a sense of duty to the craft.

There are brothers that I would like to recognize, Brother Ed Slegeski and Brother Richard Berson. Their help last year made possible the start of our Zoom Meetings. At the beginning of this year Worshipful Brother Dave LaFargue and Brother Don Janelle brought us the opportunity to celebrate hybrid meetings, thus giving us the chance to retake a little sense of normality at our Lodge.

Life continues, with Spring a new renewal is around the corner, a new beginning, a new chance. As such, we at Friendship Tuscan are gearing for a Master Mason Degree that will take place in May. The reason behind this is to give more time for the restrictions to ease, and make sure that the brethren feel comfortable and safe. Rehearsals will start on the second week of March. They will continue until the week before the degree and more information will be forwarded to the craft.

Hoping that the Grand Architect of the Universe protects and bless us all and everyone. I will say bye for now,
not without reminding all that a Mason is always a Mason.

Marcos G. Garcia – Worshipful Master