Message from the East:

I hope these times find you all well and in good spirits. After months of forced closure, we as a lodge are once again gearing up to go back to light. In the previous months I have spoken to many brothers. Many have expressed their feelings about being away from lodge and how there is a sense of void.

Over the years I have seen the frictions and joys of brotherhood. All these years our interactions were face-to-face most times, and we always have found a common ground to agree to disagree and help and support each other no matter what. This year everything changed. We went dark without a chance to finish business. During all this time that common ground that is our lodge stopped being our “demilitarized zone.” That place to get together and share ideas and purposes. The communication lines with our members has been replaced by other mediums.

The advent of these new ways to share ideas are good, but they lack the human element that a face-to-face conversation provides. That, and the physical distance and lapses in time of response, added to the situations that at present are putting pressure in all of us, mentally, physically, economically, are creating cracks in our cement.

The cost is great and it keeps growing. Now, after all these months, we are trying to get back to labor, and bring back that place, that oasis where we are all the same no matter how rich or how poor. Now, more than ever before, we need to fight the common enemy that is divisiveness. We are human beings with flaws and virtues, with sins and good deeds.

We, on top of being humans, are Masons, and as such have a duty to hold ourselves to a higher standard. The months ahead will bring more challenges. It is part of life, but if we stick together and respect, and help each other, there is nothing that can hold us back. As for now, take a look at your Blue Book and revisit those teachings and philosophies that make us what we are.

Hoping that the Grand Architect of the Universe protects and blesses everyone. I will say bye for now, not without reminding all that we are in this together.

Marcos Garcia – Worshipful Master