Brothers, Friends and Family of Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145, I hope you all are enjoying these last few weeks of summer. For me this was time for spending with family, work and reflecting on the year thus far.

Before our break, Friendship Tuscan Lodge portrayed an excellent Fellow Craft Degree which our Senior Warden Marcos Garcia and his Degree team performed masterfully. Congratulations to all the officers and brothers for a successful night. The annual Awards Night was another great success. The dinner was very well attended and was capped off by the traditional (and excellent) strawberry shortcake dessert. Thanks to all the brothers that helped me put it together also a special thanks to Claudette Mertens for the homemade shortcake and all her help in the kitchen. It was greatly appreciated. And of course, congratulations to all the brothers who received awards pins that evening. I hope it was memorable for you all!! This year the lodge picnic was organized by our Marshal Brother Pete Letteri. The picnic was held in the back yard of the lodge building, with libation, music, sunny weather and good fellowship.

As many of you have heard, I decided to cancel the lodge trip in September. To no fault of anyone, many things did not fall into place and long story short, it was an uphill battle to make it work. Nonetheless, I look to the upcoming months with excitement and positivity with all we have coming up.

Over the summer a group of brothers have been helping me make a Chamber of Reflection. This is something new and different for our lodge. I feel it will be a great addition to our already superb ritual work and hopefully create a memorable experience for our candidates taking their degrees. This room can be used by all brothers to reflect and meditate and I feel it keeps with one of the original themes of my year which was to keep our old traditions and maybe create some new ones we can all enjoy.

We will have an Entered Apprentice Degree our first meeting back from break September 5th, in which I’m hoping the Chamber of Reflection will be ready, fingers crossed.  On the last Saturday of September, the 28th, we will have a Lodge of Fun hosted at the lodge. It will be game night. Bring your favorite board game or card game and enjoy some pizza, drinks and fellowship.  This fall we will once again be staffing the concession stand at the UConn Football games. So please support this fundraiser with your time and effort, contact WB Chris Ramsey with your availability.

On Saturday, November 16th, we will be hosting a Roaring 20s Party. It will be at the Manchester Country Club and we are inviting Brothers, Family and Friends to come dressed in your best 20s outfit and enjoy an evening of great food, music and fun. I hope to see you all there. Please mark the date on your calendar. Look out for the flyers and don’t hesitate to make your reservation.

Don’t forget to forward your updated contact information to the secretary of the lodge and we are looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.

Gabriel A. Garmendia – Worshipful Master