Message from the East:

Spring has arrived, the days are warmer, the nights cool and bearable. A year ago the pandemic was creating distress and havoc. The future looked grim. We came to a total stop in every aspect of our labors with the craft. Little by little, not without a great cost, mankind has been able to adapt and overcome. As a Lodge we have been resilient, and continue to
survive. As time progresses, we will be planning other activities to start moving us back to more normalcy.

Spring is the time that marks a new beginning, a period of rebirth. We, as Freemasons, are familiar with this. It is the time to start to chisel away the rough parts of our personal ashlar, time to start our labors again. To this effect we will have a Master Mason Degree on May 22nd. By the time September comes around, an Entered Apprentice Degree will be our new goal. With patience and dedication from the brethren we will get there.

They say, “an idle mind is a garden for the devil”, this indeed is true, and our job as Masons is not to let that happen. Our duty is to keep the teachings of our lectures and obligations always present, and to learn to subdue our passions and spread the cement of brotherly love and affection. Many brothers have reach out and called each other, checking on the wellbeing of everyone. This is part of being us, not only as Masons, but as human beings. I ask of everyone to be vigilant, aware, and mindful of each other. As the restrictions ease, and the proper measures are taken as we start going to our “new” normal, we may be able to meet in the Lodge. When this happens, all brethren will be informed in due time via letter, mail, or call. As for now let us take a look at our Blue book and revisit those teachings and philosophies that make us what we are.

It is not easy to maintain an organization active during bad conditions, unless there is support and assistance from its members. Your participation, input and aid will be crucial to maintain our Lodge for years to come. I invite every brother to visit our Lodge, and make yourself at home, because, after all, it is your home.

Marcos Garcia – Worshipful Master