Message from the East:

The cold breeze of Winter is here with us and a New Year has begun. The short days in New England are something that I could not have imagined when I was a kid living in Panama. Not in my wildest dreams could have thought that one day I would become a Master of a Masonic Lodge in Connecticut!!

It has been 35 plus years since the first time the word Mason came across my vocabulary. I guess was back then when the seed was planted in my brain to follow this path.

The hardest part of any journey is the first step. My Masonic journey started six years ago when WB Scott Pierce was forming his line of officers and talked me into joining as Junior Steward.

At the time I thought that it will just be a one year gig and that somebody else will take my place…wrong, I soon found out that there are not that many brothers willing to step up to the plate and be more involved. They do not know what they are missing. This past six years have been a school in the art of cooking, cleaning, memorizing ritual and getting to know the details of what we do. Many will see this as a burden, when in fact is nothing like that.

Every step of the way we learn to be more patient and communicate better. We learn how to react to the everchanging tides and navigate with more aplomb. I still remember making a mess of a lecture and feeling shame about it, and having brothers reassure me and encourage me to keep going.
Our labor in the quarry of FTL145 continues. We will have our regular business meetings along with our traditional lodge of fun and we will be the host lodge for the Blue Lodge Council at the end of January.

February will bring a Master Mason degree that will require for everybody to participate in force. We will have five candidates that deserve our best performance to date. Details will be provided in due time.

Now that we are rough stones, but with good work, we all can shine”. I heard this phrase from WB Jim Wilson, when he was mentoring me for the initial lectures. He is so right. Another year will bring a new set of challenges, but we at FTL145, working as one will make the the difference.

Brethren, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to serve you as Master of the lodge for 2020. In words of our immediate Past Master, WB Gabriel Garmendia,” I cannot describe how proud of our lodge I am.” May the blessings of God be with us all, now and forever.

Marcos G. Garcia – Worshipful Master