Message from the East:


Greetings Brothers, Families, and Friends of Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145. It is a surreal feeling to think that over 5 years ago 3 gentlemen, whom I’ve never met, knocked on my door. I was expecting their visit. I invited them in, and they asked me a series of questions about my life, my work and family, who I was and my background, among many other questions. I could tell they were trying to get a good read on and gauge the man sitting across from them. Through all the questions however, one stood out the most; why do you want to be a Freemason? There were many ways I could have answered; I could have said to be a part of a brotherhood, to learn and gain knowledge, to contribute to society, to be active in my community, or simply to hang out with like-minded gentlemen twice a month wearing our tuxedos and smoking cigars. However comical my illusions of the craft at the time and out of all the answers I could have given, there was one that stood out for me, one that stood most true. So, I said; “I would like to be a cog on a big machine”. After over 5 years on my Masonic journey those 3 gentlemen that knocked on my door that night became my brothers and through my experience with masonry, truer words were never spoken on my part.

We have completed the Installation of Officers for 2019 and I am honored to be a cog among many other cogs making this great machine of Friendship Tuscan Lodge No. 145 work for another year and many more to come. A heartfelt thanks to all the Brothers who have helped me on this journey to the East and to the Past Masters for a truly memorable installation. I am honored by the attendance and participation of my family in the installation. Thank you to my love, my wife, and best friend Adela. Not only for her help with the Installation and many other events, but for her endless patience and support for me throughout my Masonic journey. You will never know how much I appreciate and love you. I’m sure all the brothers can attest that behind every good man is an even better woman helping us smooth out the edges of our rough ashlars.

I would be remiss not to recognize and thank my parents for not only being the best parents a guy could ask for, but also for their constant support and love for everything I do. Thank you!

To my father Antonio for creating and reciting a poem in Quechua, specifically for that occasion. Muchísimas gracias Pop. Te quiero muchísimo! (Thank you very Much. I love you!)

To those Brothers who guided me and could only attend in spirit; I sorely missed you. I know in my heart that if you could have attended, you would have.

WB Dave LaFargue, thank you for leading our lodge this past year and thank you for all your support and good counsel to me in preparation for my year in the East.

As we look towards 2019, I believe community outreach is a vital part of our success as a Lodge. Reaching out to churches, schools and local organizations to see if we could assist them in any fundraisers, charities or events would not only promote our service to the community, but I believe it would also promote our presence in the community. It lets more people know that there is a Masonic Lodge at 24 Golway Street, and we are here to help. This, in turn, could possibly encourage more people to help with our events, establish meaningful relationships here in town, but also, perhaps create an interest of perspective members for the craft, which we all know is vital to our Lodge and masonry as a whole. I have some ideas on this that I will update everyone with throughout the year, but of course would welcome any and all ideas from the brothers as well.

For those who are interested, September 13th thru September 15th, 2019 the Lodge is planning on traveling to Salem, MA for our annual trip. There will be more updates and information to follow.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I wish each and every one of you a prosperous New Year. I look forward to leading our Lodge and playing my part as a cog on this great machine. Here’s to what I hope is another great and successful year for Friendship Tuscan Lodge No. 145.

Gabriel A. Garmendia – Worshipful Master