Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145 of Manchester helps fill garden beds for Hartford urban farm

On Sunday April 23rd 2017, Masons and Family got together to fill compost into garden beds in a Hartford Urban Farm located at the corner of Park and Main Street. The Brothers of Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145 of Manchester CT and Prince Hall Excelsior Lodge #3 of Hartford CT came together for a great cause. FTL#145 every month has a charity event. Every line officer of FTL#145 is given a month to choose a charity and plan an event for it. The month of April, Junior Deacon Bro. Jordan Porcher orchestrated an event to work with the Hartford Food System.

The Hartford Food System’s mission is to fight hunger and improve nutrition in the community. Their activities are based on the following strategies to Increase access to normal food outlets. To deepen the connection between consumers and agricultural production. To increase community capacity to advocate for a healthy and just food system. And to advance public policies to improve the affordability and quality of food.

The produce that will be harvested from this urban farm will be placed into local markets and corner stores in the community. And onto a mobile food truck which travels to areas in the community where this fresh produce is not easily accessible.

What was accomplished on Sunday April 23rd was Farmer Jim Dombroski and 11 volunteers loaded wheel barrows of compost and transported it to the garden beds at the urban farm. And leveled the compost on to the garden beds.

We laid the compost which is symbolic of us laying the foundation of which goods things will be built upon it. Fresh produce will be planted and harvest in this urban farm. Fresh herbs, Garlic, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cabbage etc.  And the volunteers who helped to lay that compost down, will know that they played a role in helping to provide food to those in need of accessible produce in the community.

Anyone wishing to volunteer time in this or any of their gardens or donate money in support of this great cause, can call The Hartford Food System at (860)296-9325 and speak with one of their staff. Website:
By Bro. Jordan Porcher

Friendship Tuscan Lodge #145

Junior Deacon

Community Outreach

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